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Hallway decorating ideas

Well this is, essentially, a difficult space to work with. However, there are a whole load of hallway decorating ideas that can be used to create a better space.
It is a shame that this space is often overlooked. When decorating or re-designing a space, it is so easy to concentrate on solely the kitchen, living room interior, dining room, bedrooms. Every space but the hallway. It is often the space that is first seen by people visiting your home. A lot of time is also spent as it’s a space that connects the rest of the house, a main artery to other living areas. For this reason it should be treat with more importance!

So, below are just a few hallway decorating ideas that you can incorporate to make this space more part of your home.

Incorporate colour

This is quite an obvious one, but you would be surprised with the number of people that just paint their hallway a white or even magnolia colour (this is funny!).
So, what colour should you paint it? Well, if it’s a period property try using a rich dark colour on one of the walls, but remember to utilize more lighting if doing so.

Light, neutral colours provide a calming feel to this transitional space. I like to look at the space in terms of planes of colours. Look at the walls and ceiling, how many faces are there? If the wall is broken with doors and returns, try painting this all the same colour s the eye can connect with it and understand it is one plane.

This will make your space appear larger. Lighter colours on opposite walls and a darker colour on the back wall will also give the space a larger feel, tricking the eye into thinking it is wider than it is.

Wallpaper is a cheap yet a good ‘bang for your buck’ solution. It’s very easy to transform your hallway with a highly patterned paper. But don’t overdo it. Use one wall as a feature. Usually a wall that won’t come into contact with too many people. I wouldn’t go for wallpaper on the staircase wall as you’ll be replacing it every six months!


The hallway is a space that will have to be used at all times of the day, both day and night. Make adequate lighting to accommodate this, meaning that when it is dark, lights can be turned on to transform the space. If you have a feature wall with picture frames, make sure you use picture lights to show them off. If the ceiling is low, use ceiling down lights, preferably led’s. Wall washers are a good way of illuminating a feature wall or a wall in a dark corner. Pendant lights can also be a real statement piece. Go for a lighter colour or one which you can see though if you have a smaller space.


A good choice of furniture can really help with the design of your hallway. Think of it as a storage device, a good way of de-cluttering the general items that are usually in the space. Side tables and consoles with drawers are good. Think of what is normally in the hallway. Dirty shoes, coats, keys, all of which can easily be tidied away. This will make a massive difference in the overall feel. Mirrored furniture can be an added bonus if your space is small, both being a storage device and making the space seem larger with reflection. Reclaimed or vintage furniture is also good if you have a period property. Look on auction sites to grab yourself a bargain.
Make a space for coats, either a free standing coat stand or a wall fixed solution. Add accessories where you can. Picture frames in a collection can be a great cost effective technique.
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